Arcana is the oldest language in existence. It is used in the casting of spells as the words themselves have an effect on the world. It was not created by any living races or peoples but was rather discovered through magykal research. Some theorists believe that The Almighty One, created the language in order to create the universe.

Very few can speak Arcana, even amongst mages, and even then, their understanding is of the most basic kind.


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"There's a lot of history in the Realm. Hundreds of thousands of millenia's worth of history can be found in these dark halls. Anybody want some cake?"
This article is scheduled to include a lore entry for the upcoming game, Realm of Magyk. Jamp-20120408-154612

It has been said, in the Northern Regions, that deep in the Unending Blizzard lives a wizard who has mastered Arcana, and as thus has complete control of the world around him. It is also said that he lives in an oasis located right in the heart of the blizzard, and should you find him, he will cure any ailments you have.

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Arcana Dictionary

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