The Amyni tribe is a nomad tribe living in the Nomad Plains. It is led by King Javyn and swears fealty to Cobalt Crimsonhoof.


Other than Kocovnis and Nakhar, The Amyni tribe worships Annarr, God of loyalty and vengeance, as their patron god.


4E 494Edit

The Amyni Tribe attended the Hgh Council summons on XilZun Hill. When the battle began, they sided with the Kativans against the High Council. After the battle, King Javyn was escorted to Shanak'Khaz. From there, he escaped and rallied his tribe west of Castle Pax

Later in the year, following a devastating defeat against Becket, they fled north to the centaur lands, where they were given protection and a city, Divaaj Amyni, in exchange for fealty.

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