During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can find a lore entry entitled A Treatise on the Cosmos - The Serpent, by Nicholas Tiflus


A Treatise on the Cosmos - The BowEdit

by Nicholas Tiflus


The 2nd moon of each year is heralded by the simplest and arguably the most easily recognisable constellation, the bow. It's shape is so distinct that in almost every culture it represents a bow. The bow in question differs on mythology. The Pictians and Sacens argue amongst themselves whether the bow is that of Morga, goddess of war, or of Esis, god of sleep, whose magykal arrows send even the hardiest man into deep sleep. The Laurentians say the bow is that of Amorina, goddess of love, whose arrows make those they hit fall in love. This legend is widely believed and told throughout Ulvania, by Gratharians, Nyrds and even the Elves. So popular is the story, that many call the bow "The Lover's Bow", in its honour.

On a more technical note, the constellation is made up of four stars: Cumerea, Koserli, Anathev and Ryim; all four the names of classical elven heroes and heroines. It is often difficult to make out the separation between Koserli and Anathev (the two middle stars), for on all nights but the clearest they appear as one star (known as the Venav, "The Lovers"). It is appropriate therefore that the stars are named as they are, for in classical elven mythology, Koserli and Anathev were two lovers. 


A Treatise on the Cosmos

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