In Realm of Magyk, Kael can come across a series of lore entries entitled A Novice's Guide to Prehistory by Simon Forest. The Following chapters can be found separately.


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"...Strong evidence from all over the known world suggests that many creatures and flora that exist today did not so in the days before civilisation and instead existed entirely different forms of life. In this time we call 'Prehistory', many species rose and fell, from ancient fish to great wingless dragons. In this scientific study, we shall investigate the many wondrous and exotic creatures that came about due to the interesting and revoloutionary theory that is: 'Xannoth Dagon's theory of evolvement'..."

The Era of the SeasEdit

"...The Era of the Seas is the first of many prehistoric eras. It saw the birth of visible organisms and the creation of fish and mollusc life. In its first stage, the 'Voranian Age', it saw the rise of giant molluscs, sea scorpions, skeletal cuttlefish and simple fish...In the next age, the 'Telman Age', Ulvania gave birth to more complex fish, like giant sharks and plate toothed predatory fish. The Telman Age also saw the first amphibians...The 'Ranan Age' saw the developement of more complex amphibians, fish and the beginnings of insect life...The 'Zazian Age' saw the rise of the giant insects'. There existed dragonflies the size of eagles and spiders the size of cats...Finally, the era ended in the 'Homrogian Age'. In this age, lizards grew to the size of the deer and dottted Ulvania. This age ended when, supposedly, a great dust storm from what is now Malaria grew and spread throughout the entire planet, killing 90% of life..."

The Era of the LizardsEdit

The Era of the BeastsEdit

The Era of PeopleEdit

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