During the events of Realm of Magyk , Kael can come across several lore entries in the Kings of Sudbaya series, one of which is A History of the Temir by Olfred Ingerson. The entry is split up into many chapters, which are all added individualy to the entry upon discovery.


Chapter 1 - IntroductionEdit

Written by Olfred Ingerson , master of the Library of Stone.


With thanks to Owell KrallIngrid Matterin and Idolaf Millen, noted historians all.

With thanks to Bjorn Kvenis and Helga Frolheim, noted archaeologists.

With thanks to the countless library apprentices and Mrs. Greenwinter, for the tea.


Thousands of years ago, before the common tongue, before the Kativan Wars and even before there were kings in Sudbaya, there were the tribes. Many migrating Pictian and Sacen tribes lived in the Sudbaya region, as detailed in Owell Krall's 'Migrations to Sudbaya'. As many as forty tribes lived in the area now known as Sudbaya. This time, stretching from about 3E 3600 to about 3E 4000, was a troubled time, where wars were commonplace. Yet this time also saw a giant leap in northern culture. The first writing system in the northern hemisphere developed in Sudbaya during this time and, through trading, it spread throughout the known world.

During this time, there were no kings to lead the people as there are today. The gods that inhabit the temples and shrines of Sudbaya had no place in these tribes. Instead, the prehistoric Sudbayans worshipped the animal spirits; their priests were their shamans. The shamans, who claimed to possess spiritual knowledge, led the tribes with iron fists.

Yet beginning, in 3E 4003 and ending in 3E 4096, a revolution spread across Sudbaya which saw the rule of the shamans replaced by monarchies which have endured to this very day. In 3E 4021, King Argus became the first king of the Temir and the second man in all of Sudbaya to break the shackles of shamanism. He was, for a time, the only king in Sudbaya as the Harad tribe was at that time led by the Matriarchy.

The First KingsEdit

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