During the events of Realm of MagykKael can find a lore entry entitled A History of the 3rd Kativan War by Alain Guilmont.


"The end of the 2nd Kativan War marked the end of many things. It marked the end of divine interference on the Material Plane and marked the end of Kativa's limitless supply of troops. It also marked the end of all out warfare between the two sides.

High Council forces remained outside Kelgrimen, trapping Kativa in her kingdom. Any attempts to invade Kelgrimen resulted in death and any Kativan invasions were destroyed. A true stalemate had begun after close to two thousand years of all out warfare. The 3rd Kativan War, ongoing since 3E 6734, has held no major battle and no heroes have been made. Peace, ableit tenuous, once again returned to the races of Ulvania.

But Kativa has always been a present threat, perhaps now more than ever before since the end of the 2nd Kativan War. But this time, it is a war of subterfuge and deception. The Prodi movement in Sudbaya is an example of such, where the very hearts and minds of the populace, having been lulled into a sense of false security, have turned against the High Council and towards Kativa.

Fighting amongst ourselves, it is only a matter of time before we are too weak to contain Kativa. When this war ends, it shall be bloody."

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