During the events of Realm of MagykKael can find a lore entry entitled A History of the 2nd Kativan War by Alain Guilmont.


"In the Age of the Lich Kingdoms, the chaotic interrim between the 1st and 2nd Kativan Wars, humanity brought itself to its knees with the very weapon it used to free itself: necromancy. This ended when the Pact of Nations reformed as the High Council in 3E 4875 and led a crusade against necromancy; a crusade led by the first Supreme High Councillor, Childeric, who was also rumoured to have divine aid from the god Veros himself. Indeed, divine interference is a recurring theme throughout the 2nd Kativan War; the aid granted to Childeric only a fraction of the divine interference to come.

It was in 3E 4875, after the High Council had effectively disarmed itself, that Kativa once again struck. The High Council soon mobilised and the two forces met at the borders of Kelgrimen, digging themselves in trenches and forcing a stalemate. After a mere five years, casualties were countless on both sides. The Kativans' portals ensured them an endless supply of troops, whereas the Council weakened with every passing day. In 3E 4880, Gods manifested themselves on Ulvania and began a war which lasted until the end of the 2nd Kativan War. Gods turned on eachother and before long the whole world was a battlefield; Kativa merely another villain.

It was only in 3E 6734, when a Xilaskar party closed the portal in the Black Citadel, ending the Kativans' limitless supply of troops, that a group of immortals - including some gods such as Casiel - were able to invoke the Almighty One and strengthen the very fabric of the universe; rendering stable inter-planar travel almost impossible. The Banishment, as it is commonly known, disconnected the Gods, even those who actively brought it about, from the Material Plane but left Kativa and her remaining demons, of which there were still many, intact.

The 2nd Kativan War was over. The 3rd Kativan War, following immediately afterwards, had begun."

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