During the events of Realm of MagykKael can find a lore entry entitled A History of the 1st Kativan War by Alain Guilmont.


"In the late 5th Millenium of the Third Age, human civilisation was in its infancy. Elven civilisation, in contrast, was at its height. The Mistagrian Empire controlled much of modern-day Laurentia and the Ulurian elves controlled much more than their current holdings. The greatest of elven empires in this age was the Empire of Areheim, controlled by the Arehi Elves with their seat of power in the city of Kella. Most of the world, from the Eastern Lands to Grathor, was under their influence. Part of their greatness can be attributed to their strong industry; built on the backs of slaves.

These slaves were humans, orcs, goblins and even other elves: the Vyre elves from which the elves of Felwood are descended. Anybody considered "less than elf" was brutally captured by the Arehi Imperials and sold into slavery. Slaves were usually forced to perform mundane tasks such as mine work or construction work. Under such cruel mastery, the bonds between slaves were strengthened and an underground culture emerged. The slaves were rumoured to have their own king and their own laws. Their native religions soon evolved into a new slave faith - Kativanism.

Kativa, goddess of the night, represented freedom and opposition against the Arehi. By the 4700s Kativanism had grown substantially and Areheim had shrunk; retracting its legions in furthest Tethyria and the Eastern Lands to cope with the slave revolts. Humans grew more powerful and empires, such as the Jhalli Empire, sprung up in old Arehi territories. In 3E 4782, the slaves formed their own empire, capturing Kella and driving many Arehi into further Areheim. The Vyri, as the slaves called themselves, renamed the empire to Kelgrimen and began a furious war on the remaining Arehi.

In 3E 4793, the Vyri Council invoked Kativa using extraplanar magyk and named her queen. This proved to be the greatest mistake in human history, as the newly invoked goddess brought with her a host of demons and other foul beasts from her native Daemonrealm. Her army swept across Kelgrimen, killing Arehi and Vyri alike. By 3E 4830, portals had opened up in every corner of the world. The remaining free peoples united in what was then known as the Pact of Nations, the predecessor of the High Council, and fought back in a desperate counter attack. A guild of heroes was formed, the Xilaskar, who employed the deadly arts of necromancy against Kativa and managed to close the portals in 3E 4832, officially ending the 1st Kativan War.

Kativa, weakened, withdrew to her citadel and waited; watching the Pact crumble as powerful liches built up their kingdoms and fought eachother in the infamous Age of the Lich Kingdoms."

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