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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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A Gladiator's honour is one of the middle quests in Act I of Realm of Magyk. It is the recruitment mission for Nigel Avtrin.The quest is either the third or fourth or second main plot quest which can be completed after the Prologue (the other being The Noble Thief)


This quest is acquired by speaking to Tamlin after recruiting both Osric and Karrin.

Plot SummaryEdit

Start by going to Tonjir, it is very easy to go to as you can just fast travel there. In the pits of the arena are many training rooms and in one of them is Nigel. After speaking to Nigel and convincing him to join your cause, he will say that he cannot leave until he has completed the tournament, as it is his honour as a warrior to finish it (at this point a sarcastic party member like Karrin will make a comment about it). You will then offer to help Nigel win the tournament.

You, Nigel and two other party members will enter the arena and face 5 waves of enemies as follows:

  • 1st Wave: A number of easy mercenaries
  • 2nd Wave: A few bears and lions
  • 3rd Wave: Prodi gladiators
  • 4th Wave: Nyrdic gladiators
  • 5th Wave: A Prodi boss with some armed prodi guards

After all the waves have been defeated, your team will be declared the victors. Nigel will recieve a trophy and then will choose to join you with your quest.

Congratulations, quest complete!

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