During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can find a lore entry entitled A Dream of Hell, written by Durante da Minuzze and translated by Gregor Loanfild.

A Dream of HellEdit

A Dream of Hell

by Durante da Minuzze

translated and introduced in a poetic fashion by Gregor Loanfild of Kingstown

A Poetic IntroductionEdit

by Gregor Loanfild of Kingstown


No hero am I: no monsters have I slain.

A poet am I instead;

A weaver of words: my stregnth is in my brain

And yet even I, when I dream in my bed,

like a hero face a quest:

purpose-driven: a journey before me spread.

While asleep I am confronted with a test:

Woken by a dark death knell

Equipped with a sword; in armour am I dressed.

My quest: to venture out where the damned do dwell,

through those sinful and insane,

through the dark gods' land - to reach the end of hell.


A simple man am I; a farmer, then a poet. Not since I was a little boy had I dreamed of adventure. Yet when I was halfway through life's journey, I began to dream again. Every night I would be woken up by a far-off bell and find myself dressed in armour and wielding a sword on the shores of a black river, running through a war-torn land. Soon after I would be approached by a demon; a thin, bearded man with eyes like the hottest of furnaces. Every night he would sail his little ferryboat to the shore near me and hold out his bony hand to me - and every night I would recoil, only to return to reality moments later. Every night was the same; except one. One night, for some unknown reason, I grasped the ferryman's hand and was taken into his boat. This work details my story on that night.

On the River StyxEdit

The Hellgods' Tax CollectorEdit

The Hell of LustEdit

The Hell of GluttonEdit

The Hell of GreedEdit

The Hell of SlothEdit

The Hell of WrathEdit

The Hell of PrideEdit

The Hell of LiesEdit

My ReturnEdit

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