During the events of Realm of MagykKael can come across a lore entry entitled A Collection of Myths and Stories Surrounding the Unending Blizzard by Arn Pendov


A Collection of Myths and Stories surrounding the Unending BlizzardEdit

by Arn Pendov

- - - -

The massive, unending ice storm scarring most of central Sudbaya is the source of many a rumour and a conjecture amongst the greatest minds of the arcane and mundane sciences. However, in this small collection, I shall be detailing the opinions and stories of the untrained, uneducated minds of those living near the blizzard itself.

One rumour makes a claim that, deep in the blizzard lives a wizard (some say a God or an angel) in an oasis at the heart of the blizzard. Should you find this wizard, he will cure any ailments you have, including Blackheart, Spotprick or even a lost limb.

Another rumour, frequently told within a local tavern, makes claim that in the centre of the blizzard lives a city populated entirely by buxom young women. This rumour is clearly nothing more than fantasy, but any attempt to disprove it almost certainly results in a tavern brawl.

Other, less popular rumours make many different claims. One woods witch claims that the "Old Gods" are locked inside the blizzard, while a local goatherd claims that blizzard is the doorway to the next life. Of course, these stories are complete nonsense, but are nevertheless interesting to note.

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