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"There's a lot of history in the Realm. Hundreds of thousands of millenia's worth of history can be found in these dark halls. Anybody want some cake?"
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Although this dynasty included only one ruler, King Darvin II, it was the longest dynasty so far in Ormyrian history. During the 60 years of peace and prosperity, Ormyr entered a kind of golden age where it completely dominated Sudbaya and advanced in its technology, architecture and agriculture.

King Darvin II (4284-4344)Edit

King Darvin II came into power when his predecesor, King Hamon II, was captured in a battle against the Wul. The elders of the Orm wanted a leader from one of their own, one who would end the Wul War. In 4284, a month after Hamon had died, the elders elected King Darvin II, a Seer from Shinyd.

Immediately after taking the throne, Darvin called an end to the war, agreeing on a peaceful and profitable trade treaty. Soon trade caravans popped up all over Sudbaya. In 4287, after rebuilding Ormyr's wealth, Darvin began major farming projects all across the Orm river. Not only did this increase Ormyr's wealth, it also helped the people of Ormyr and allowed for a large increase in population.

In 4290, Darvin began construction of Hammerhold, Guntheid and Morrisyd. By 4293, they were all complete and full of Ormyrians. 15 years later, after many years of prosperity, Darvin constructed another city at Tementyr in 4308.

Over the next 36 years, Darvin set up trading with the Feim and Temir tribes and with the Nyrds from Nyrdland, Midbaya and Nordbaya.

In 4344, after losing his only son to a bear attack, Darvin abdicated and was replaced by King Tjor III.

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