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The 3rd Dynasty was shortlived, spanning only 5 years, and amounted to nothing except the beginning of a rivalry that has lasted for more than six thousand years. The dynasty involved King Tonhin.

King Tonhin (4228-4233)Edit

After King Jorgun died, Tonhin became king of the Ormyrian territory (which then spanned from Holgar in the north to Ormyrban all the way to Morrisyd mountain). He quickly began to, for an unknown reason, gather up tribal warriors from all over his territory. Once ammassed, he launched them in a full frontal assault against the Wul tribe's most southern settlement, believed to be roughly where Amakir or Shunheim are found today.

The Wul tribe beat him back and he was captured and killed by a river, presumably Felmin (unless another river existed then that has since dried up or disapeared).

He was then replaced by the chief hunter of the Orm tribe, Fargus.

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