The 1st Wesheim dynasty was an incredibly long one which saw the construction of two of its villages and the establishment of farmland bridging the two villages.

King Volund (4060 - 4087)Edit

King Volund began the dynasty when he overthrew the shamanic rule of Wesheim in a revolutionary wave which started with the nearby Harad. King Volund then constructed Wesheim as a permanent settlement, the first king to do so in Sudbaya. Many Wes didn't agree with the permanent settlement and moved further north, abandoning Volund with his few tribesmen.

Despite this, Wesheim flourished for the duration of his reign. When he died mysteriously, he was replaced by his son, Norn.

King Norn (4087 - 4100)Edit

King Norn was a far more ruthless leader than his father. When he came to power, he immediately began unifying the nomadic tribes to the north. By 4100, all the tribespeoples from Wesheim to Montana agreed to pay homage to Norn, in exchange for being allowed to continue living their nomadic lifestyle.

Norn was assassinated by his son Olaf in 4100.

King Olaf (4100 - 4107)Edit

King Olaf, like his father and grandfather, believed that permanent settlement was superior to nomadic lifestyle. He decided to spend his reign extending the farmlands just outside Wesheim to a large radius around the village. The farming was succesful and many people flocked to Wesheim, abandoning their nomadic lifestyle.

King Olaf was assassinated by his brother, Sigmun, in 4107.

King Sigmun (4107 - 4119)Edit

King Sigmun took the work of his predesesors one step further: he constructed another village. This village was located where Arun is today. Apart from the construction, not much is known of king Sigmun.

He was assassinated by his Norn in 4119.

King Norn II (4119 - 4157)Edit

King Norn II established farmlands along the Wes river from Wesheim to Arun. This almost doubled the Wes population and brought the Wes more wealth than they had ever had before.

King Norn II died mysteriously and, as he had no heirs, was replaced by the chief hunter, Dolorn, beginning the 2nd Wesheim Dynasty .

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