The 1st Dynasty of the Orm tribe (later the Ormyrians), it is an interesting dynasty. It's two leaders are some of the most used kings in Ancient Nyrdic myths.

The dynasty began with King Bjorn and ended with his son, Hamon. It lasted 74 years in total.

King Bjorn (4067-4120)Edit

King Bjorn's reign officially lasted from 4067 to 4120 (53 years), but is suspected to be at least 5 years longer, as the records only begin when Ormyrban was founded and the Shaman rule in Ormyrban overthrown.

King Bjorn is considered to be a hero of the Ormyrians and is often fantasised to the level where some of his admirers even call him the son of Ormyr. While this may, or may not be true, it was definite that he was a great leader. He established Ormyrban as the 1st city of the Orm and expanded the Orm tribe from Holgar in the north to Morrisyd in the east.

He continued to reign peacefully and was a good king, but his 1st son, Hamon, used his own group of hunters to trap Bjorn in the caves beneath Morrisyd where he presumably died.

King Hamon (4120-4141)Edit

King Hamon's reign officialy lasted from 4120-4141 (21 years).

Hamon, completely opposite to his father, is considered to be the first villain in Ormyr, starting with his violent take over of the throne (read above section). Although Hamon did advance the Ormyrian military by increasing their numbers and advancing their tactics, his violent methods terrified the Ormyrian people to the point where they revolted in 4141. The riots lasted days before Hamon resigned and the riot leader, Tjor, became king, ending the 1st dynasty.

What happened to Hamon after his resignation is unkown, but it is assumed that he was killed or went into hiding.

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